Main products of Pishgaman Asia

Our unique organizational solutions have developed to integrate information systems, reduce costs, facilitate business processes, minimize systems violations, and improve the quality of service.

Pivot on tackling managers’ concerns, we use the latest technologies in our applications.

What you are looking for is here. Over eighteen different software shows the holistic of thinking and our view comprehension.

Our four main products are the ones that have prioritized according to the highest demand for organizations.

Vehicle Tracking Software

Are you looking for a way of tracking vehicles? We have what you want. Our solutions help you in tracking the drivers and control their drivings behavior. By this control, you can prevent wrongdoings while transporting goods.

Public Service Administration Software

To automatize your organization’s service requests, you can use this software to increase staff satisfaction, reduce public costs, facilitate the service planning process, and improve service quality and productivity. It is a special software for declaring service requests.

Experience it and enjoy it.

Fleet Management Software

Manage your fleet by an integrated software aimed at making quick decisions, organizational costs reduction, fuel consumption management, violation reduction, mission management, and implementation of preventive maintenance.

The Most features, The Best Fleet Software

Employee Benefits Administrative Software

A comprehensive software that provides an online system for employees to request their welfare benefits online. It helps you to integrate all requests, digitize all welfare documents, and integrate all benefits administration.

The whys and the wherefores of opting for Pishgaman Asia

Day to date Support

Providing support services instant to maintain software functionality, is the main policy of Pishgaman Asia. Our attitude is your satisfaction increasing

Be With Us Knowingly

Pishgaman Asia, a producer of enterprise software and integrated software solutions, is prepared to provide expert advice on the correct choice of specifically tailored strategies to you.

We have more than 117 consumers of our services that contain different organizations and ministries. Our seventeen years of experience is our credit that shows our software designed and implemented intelligently.

Pishgaman Asia knows your necessities and creates the best solution for your enterprise.

Available Of Anywhere

Fleet software of Pishgaman Asia can run on all platforms and can be compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, etc. Our application has 24/7 accessibility on your favorite platform.

The main features available via our mobile application are:

Mobile tracking capability

Online notification

Record the performance survey

Register and manage requests

Submit a request to the related department

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