About Us

In today’s competitive world, public and private organizations need well-defined plans to achieve their goals and succeed. Organizations and companies strive to provide better services and products of appropriate quality to their customers and clients by developing their excellence model. Due to the expansion of their activities, the use of hardware and software systems and information technology, in general, has become a basic need. Pishgaman Asia Company, a leader in information technology, especially information security and intelligent and dynamic systems, has thoroughly studied and reviewed various organizational development models to provide integrated services in any organization, company, or industry. This helps to create an infrastructure that makes management easier and services available at any time and place. The main objective of this organizational development model is to achieve effective resource management systems, supply chain management, communication with customers, strategic planning, and planning for the organization’s continuity of life and information security. The dynamic organizational development model of pishgaman Asia can be used to achieve organizational excellence.

Our Proficiency in Software

Pishgaman Asia Company strives to keep up with the latest technological advancements to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. In line with this, the company continuously updates its software to achieve its production goals.

The percentages listed below indicate the extent to which various technologies have been utilized in Pishgaman Asia’s projects:

Microsoft SQL Server
ASP.Net Core

What factors justify the choice of Pishgaman Asia Company?

Missions and Purposes

  • Our company is a leader in advancing software production and elevating ICT standards.
  • We offer top-notch hardware and software solutions to enhance organizations’ tech abilities with the help of our skilled team.
  • We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive for excellence and continuous improvement in our software products, focusing on creativity and innovation.