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About Pishgaman Asia

To succeed in today’s competitive world, every public or private organization must follow a set of proven strategies. Several companies and organizations draw on the organization’s development model to provide better services and products with appropriate quality to their customers and clients. In light of the growth of activities of organizations and companies, utilizing hardware, software, and computers, in general, is a necessity.

Our software specialties

Pishgaman Asia’s production goals are promoted by the latest technologies based on the world’s current circumstances and the daily status of the company.

Here are the percentages of the technology used in Pishgaman Aisa projects:

Microsoft SQL Server
ASP.Net Core

Pishgaman Asia: Why choose it?

Mission & Vission

To be a leader in the software development industry and improve information and communication technology under one brand.
We provide business software solutions that are customer-centric and continuously improve to meet the needs of our manufacturing clients.