Pishgaman Asia's Fleet Management Software

An integrated software for managers with intelligent and innovative thinking

With the recession of economics, the world requires implementing different thinking in the organization. Using intelligent activity in your organization brings maximum optimization.
If you want to integrate your fleet management needs in this format so that the organizational interactions and the information you need are collected in a centralized structure, Pishgaman Asia Company has provided the necessary platform. Our view is to provide solutions aimed at helping to make quick and agile decisions based on information from different parts of the organization in an integrated format.

The advantages of Pishgaman Asia fleet management software

Diverse, innovative, and specialized solutions use the best technology to closely monitor vehicles, personnel, and contractors under your management.


Reducing driver violations


Managing the Mission


Assist in making decisions easier


Clarify financial and contractual affairs


Reduction in costs

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To familiarize you with the different parts of the software and our products and services capabilities for implementation in your organization, you can facilitate the final decision in choosing the Pishgaman Asia to fleet management software that suits your needs by submitting a demo request. Our experts will answer your questions within 24 hours as soon as we receive your request.

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لطفا مشخصات زیر را دقت تکمیل نمایید ، کارشناسان ما به زودی با شما تماس خواهند گرفت.

Able to track and monitor the fleet

Car and fleet tracking are among the essential management tools to monitor and control the performance of drivers, cars, and fleets under their cover. By combining a car tracker, GPS, and tracking software and applications, fleet management systems can provide vehicle managers with real-time information.

Access anywhere through the mobile application

Pishgaman Asia fleet management software can be run on all platforms and all software platforms such as Windows and especially mobile. The mobile application designed for Android and iOS operating systems provides access to the system anytime and anywhere.

The essential features that you can access this way:

Ability to track via mobile

Online notification

Record performance surveys

Application registration and management

Submitting a request to the service and operation monitoring unit

BI Reports

This software is a reliable assistant for performance monitoring, providing various analytical reports that enable managers to make accurate and timely decisions. Providing reports based on intelligent information collected from different parts of the fleet will be the basis for critical management decisions that are fruitful in optimizing the organization’s assets.

Intelligent transformation of fleet data into management information

Creating a centralized database by integrating fleet data from various departments

Ensuring a comprehensive overview of the various operations conducted within the organization

Possible to extract patterns, troubleshoot, and predict a specific phenomenon

گزارش هوش تجاری به مدیریت ناوگان حمل و نقل- پیشگامان آسیا

Here are the solutions we have devised for you

نرم‌افزار مدیریت ناوگان حمل و نقل شرکت‌های پخش و توزیع- پیشگامان آسیا

Managing the fleet of  distribution companies

Efficiently oversee and safeguard your fleet using precise and up-to-the-minute monitoring through our services.

نرم‌افزار مدیریت ناوگان حمل و نقل خدمات‌رسانی شهری- پیشگامان آسیا

Managing the fleet for Municipal Services

To improve the quality of services provided to citizens and optimize organizational costs, it is vital to consult and utilize new technologies.

نرم‌افزار مدیریت ناوگان حمل و حمل صنایع نفت، گاز و پتروشیمی- پیشگامان آسیا

Managing the fleet of oil and gas industries

Consider innovative solutions that can enhance your organization’s productivity while ensuring the security of your valuable and strategic goods during transportation.


Managing the fleet of government organizations

Our solution utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide optimal fleet usage under your supervision. This is achieved through analytical reports and integrated monitoring systems.

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Demo Request

لطفا مشخصات زیر را دقت تکمیل نمایید ، کارشناسان ما به زودی با شما تماس خواهند گرفت.