What makes Pishgaman Asia's Attendance Software for Cars and Employees stand out?

In this section, you will have access to the fleet’s intelligent control and monitoring features. Accurate travel information is recorded and compatible with the tracking module to reduce driver violations. You can manage timely service delivery for drivers and plan the allocation of vehicles based on the number of people present on a specific route. These features help ensure your organization’s transportation operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Benefits of Attendance Software for Cars and Employees

Our benefits are much broader than what this title suggests:


Reduce violations


Optimization and management of trips


Reduce in Costs

Capabilities of Attendance Software for Cars and Employees

Imagine your ideal organization by analyzing the capabilities of this segment of the Pishgaman Asia integrated system.

Controlling car traffic determined by the starting and ending points of the movement

Controlling car traffic through license plate readers

Possess the capability to plan and offer reservation services

Displaying the statistics for cars currently in service, those that have been reserved, and those that are available

The capability to monitor mobile machinery

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