What makes Pishgaman Asia's car and machinery management software the best choice?

Organizations and companies consider cars and machinery to be crucial assets. These assets are under the control of the logistics and services unit, which should ensure the highest quality service to the employees of the production units promptly. However, providing transportation services can be costly due to the depreciation of cars. The size of the organization and the extent of the transportation fleet will determine the level of service provision and support required. This complexity can challenge fleet managers and the service and support department in managing vehicles and machinery.
This module provides a solution for managing costs and optimizing fleet operations.

Applications for managing vehicles and machinery


Management, rental, and contracting services for organizational vehicles

Managing Heavy Machinery


Fixed machinery management

Managing emergency response and operational vehicles for various events, such as gas leaks, electrical issues, phone disruptions, and water emergencies


Managing Back-and-Forth Services


Managing the distribution vehicles

Managing cargo handling machines

Fleet management for fire departments

Managing municipal vehicles for tasks such as transporting construction waste and sanitary couriers


Managing Motor Vehicles

مدیریت ناوگان حمل و نقل در صنعت معدن- پیشگامان آسیا

Manage vehicles and machinery with up-to-date and dynamic information

In Pishgaman Asia’s car and machinery management software, it is possible to define all types of essential car and machinery information unlimited and optionally. Therefore, by using this feature, it is possible to register and create different types of cars with the following information:

Various types of machines and automobiles

Different types of fuel

Type of vehicle

All kinds of goods and spare parts

Machinery’s Appearance

Different Types of Documents

Manufacturing factory

Color of machinery

Different forms of ownership

Vehicle accessories

Vehicle body condition

Machinery contractor

Organizational Chart


Various types of insurance

Types of insurance companies

گزارشات جامع و منطبق بر واقعیت برای تصمیم گیری بیمه ناوگان حمل و نقل- پیشگامان آسیا

The process of completing the car management software


Definition of primary and dynamic information


Inputting details and technical requirements


Documenting the activities and occurrences of automobiles and equipment


ID Card for Cars and Machinery

Capabilities of Managing Vehicles and Machinery Software

Managing and recording information about vehicles and machinery is a top priority for technical and engineering managers in companies and organizations. This data is crucial for making informed management decisions.
The Pasand fleet management software helps you create a database of vehicle specifications.

Registering Technical Specifications for Cars and Machinery

Tracking repairs and expenses for machinery and car maintenance registration

Registration of fuel card, type of fuel and amount of consumption

Registration of vehicle tolls and violations

Registration of vehicle and machinery documents

Registration of car accidents and incidents and their costs

Registration of car insurance policies

Delivery and transformation of cars between drivers and machine operators

Registration of vehicle tracking devices

Register car accessories

Registration of the organizational chart to the car operator

Registering a machinery unit and its place of establishment

Benefits of using machinery management software

These titles are only a small part of the benefits we bring you:

 Comprehensive database of car information

Managing Fleet Costs


Planning for Resource Management

Pay attention to your car and machinery!

Numerous car and machine mishaps occur due to driver or operator carelessness and forgetfulness. Due to this issue, Pasand management machinery software employs a notification and warning system that alerts users via SMS, web software, application, and email about essential updates.


A reminder of the expiration date of the certificate or insurance policy


A reminder to Schedule preventative maintenance to avoid equipment downtime


Reminder of the expiration date of the technical examination


A reminder for Inspection Time.

انواع اقدام‌های پیشگیرانه در فعالیت تعمیر و نگهداری خودرو- پیشگامان آسیا
سیستم ردیابی خودروهای سرقت شده- پیشگامان آسیا

Managing the unit responsible for machinery and automotive services

In big corporations and institutions, each department responsible for handling equipment and vehicles is given an office known as the equipment and engineering unit or vehicle office. With Pasand, a transport-fleet management software, users can manage these operational units based on their number of cars and machines and geographical dispersion.

Possible to define an organizational chart

The possibility of defining vehicle units (vehicle services)

Possible to define users and unit drivers

Possible to have machinery operate independently

Possible to establish a specific procedure for requesting a car

Possibility of arranging the service of drivers

Possible to define salary rules for drivers and operators of cars and machinery

Possible to define contractors and intermediary contracts

Possible to adjust the tracking range for individual vehicles

Possible to set the service range of the unit

Possible to have a dedicated application to request a car and taxi online

Possible to manage all aspects of cars and machinery, from fueling to insurance, repairs, and accidents,…

Possible to register the presence or absence of vehicle drivers

Possible to track the vehicles and machinery of a subordinate unit

Management dashboard: See your car and machinery information at a glance

Pasand’s machinery management software provides management dashboards for every machine, allowing users to quickly view data and performance metrics for all devices and vehicles. The system also generates management statistics and reports for easy analysis.

Management of heavy machinery

Pashand’s machinery management software offers a range of features for construction and road construction companies, industries, and mines. It also allows for the creation of heavy vehicle units.


Define various types of fleets and heavy machinery with ease


Possible repairs and service and maintenance of heavy machinery and road construction


Possible to track equipment and machinery in mines and on roads


Possible to calculate the performance of cars and machinery


Able to calculate the salary of heavy truck drivers


Able to calculate the fuel consumption of a fleet


Reminder of repair and maintenance service time


Dashboard and machinery management reports

مدیریت ماشین آلات سنگین- در اپلیکیشن پسند- پیشگامان آسیا

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