What makes Pishgaman Asia's Driver Behavior Analysis Software stand out?

The way a driver operates a vehicle can significantly impact the costs incurred by an organization. Monitoring and analyzing driver behavior can decrease violations, accidents, and maintenance and repair expenses.

Driver behavior analysis software enables tracking a vehicle’s movement, speed, acceleration, braking technique, and the duration of driving with an engine speed that exceeds legal limits, as well as fuel consumption at an improper engine speed and rate. This software also provides online reports to help optimize fleet management.

Capabilities of Driver Behavior Analysis Software

Imagine your ideal organization by analyzing the capabilities of this Pishgaman Asia integrated system segment.

Tracking the vehicle and checking the routes taken during the operation

Checking the number of acceleration and braking

Investigating the amount of fuel consumption during unauthorized engine revolutions and on-site movement

Movement time at illegal speed and acceleration and revs of engines

Time and distance traveled by car with cruise control

Presence of the driver

Intelligent transformation of fleet data into management information

How Driver Behavior Analysis Software works?

ECU System

The ECU is an electronic module that controls the movement of the engine. It measures the car’s fuel consumption by monitoring acceleration, engine speed at different rates, and heavy or excessive braking.

CAN System

This system enables the connection of various types of ECUs. Using the Controller Area Network (CAN), a designated ECU responsible for gathering data can transmit the collected information via this system.

Benefits of CAN system

Our benefits are much broader than what this title suggests:


Send car information


Dispatch of information about heavy vehicles


Perform preventive maintenance based on vehicle information


Declaring parts failure to save repair time

Benefits of Using Driver Behavior Analysis Software

Our benefits are much broader than what this title suggests:


Reducing the cost of maintenance and repairs


Fuel consumption management


Increased security for cargo or passengers

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