Managers always worry about traditional bureaucracies and the difficulty monitoring service fleets during missions. Mistakes made by humans when preparing reports, slow mission implementation processes caused by lack of access to accurate information for selecting the correct route, and improper performance by drivers of rescue and service vehicles are common issues. To solve these problems, the best solution is to adopt new technologies that assist you from decision-making to optimization of the fleet’s service.

Concerns of fleet managers of municipal services

Pishgaman Asia Company is a producer of enterprise and integrated software solutions. We understand the importance of municipal services department fleets and are prepared to offer solutions to address managers’ concerns.
Some common concerns among managers include:

Not knowing the current location of the car

Risky driving by drivers and the possibility of damage to the car’s cargo or passengers

Lack of access to car information, such as the distance traveled and the amount of fuel consumed

Lack of accurate information about the driver’s working hours

Not knowing the number of cars being serviced

Costs incurred for the upkeep and repair of the vehicles in the fleet

We are with you by providing the following solutions:

We offer a comprehensive solution to service fleets, including those for buses, taxis, electricity distribution, telecommunications, regional electricity, water and sewage, firefighting, and urban waste. Our solution covers all of these fleets.

Vehicle tracking along the route on the map

Determining the optimal vehicle traffic routes to reduce the time of sending to the mission

Registering the identity information of the drivers and the team sent to the mission

Controlling how to assign the car to the driver for the mission and not for personal use

The ability to monitor and manage the city operation process remotely

Explaining the meaning of controlled areas and their activities

Some modules we recommend to you in this way:

Vehicle tracking module

Traffic Control Module

Payroll Module

Vehicle Request Management Module 

Mission’s Management Module

Inspection Module

Demo Request

Pishgaman Asia Company, a producer of enterprise software and integrated software solutions, can provide expert advice to make the right choice and suit your professional activity.

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