Online Taxi

Online taxi allows individuals and companies to request transportation services through websites or apps, which transport companies and drivers then confirm for a convenient experience.

The usage of Online taxi services

Online Taxi

Online motor courier

Online shipping

International transit

راه‌اندازی تاکسی اینترنتی برای حمل و نقل سازمانی- پیشگامان آسیا

Launching an Online Taxi

Setting up an Online Taxi requires the following steps:

Registration of a transport company or Online taxi

Producing a comprehensive online taxi system that includes management software, passenger application, and driver application

Obtaining E-namad licenses and organizing websites

Creating an online payment portal for passengers to pay and settle with drivers

Driver Registration and Contract

Choosing the area of the activity and initiating the activity

Benefits of Online Taxi Software

High-speed startup

Information security

No need to buy software servers

No need for map services license

Easy and user-friendly interface

Meager cost compared to purchasing software

Pishgaman Asia's cloud solution for online taxis

Pishgaman Asia Company offers comprehensive fleet management software widely used in Iran. They have introduced an Online taxi platform that benefits taxi owners, transport companies, and motor couriers. With this system, one can quickly start their online taxi without the need to produce or buy software and spend a lot on hardware.

Cloud-based Online taxi software solutions

مدیریت ماشین آلات در نرم‌افزار تاکسی آنلاین پیشگامان آسیا

Vehicle and Machinery Management

Management of all types of vehicles and fleets covered by the contract

Management of Drivers

Management of insurance, violations, accidents, and technical inspection of cars and fleet

مدیریت پرداخت‌ها در نرم‌افزار تاکسی اینترنتی پیشگامان آسیا

Payroll Management

Registering salary laws, wages, and commissions

Calculation of drivers’ fees

Online Payment

Charging the organizational panel online

مدیریت سوخت در راه‌حل تاکسی انلاین پیشگامان آسیا

Fuel Management

Definition of fuel types

Fuel Rationing Management

Fuel payment

اپلیکیشن تاکسی اینترنتی در نرم‌افزار تاکسی اینترنتی پیشگامان آسیا

Online Taxi Apps

Passenger’s App

Driver’s App

مدیریت قراردادها در نرم‌افزار تاکسی انلاین پیشگامان آسیا

Contracts Management

Driver’s Recommendations

Registration of drivers’ contracts

Registration of organizations’ contracts and agreement tables

ردیابی خودرو در نرم افزار تاکسی اینترنتی پیشگامان آسیا

Fleet Tracking

Definition of map types

Drivers and Fleet tracking

Route tracking

Calculation of kilometers crossed

Notification and warning

ماژول تعمیر و نگهداری خودرو در نرم‌افزار تاکسی اینترنتی پیشگامان آسیا

Repair and maintenance

Notification and warning of the upcoming deadline for scheduled car maintenance

Repair record

Recording maintenance costs

Preventive maintenance management

The cost of setting up an Online taxi

The cost of establishing an online taxi service depends on the size of the taxi’s operational area. Some of the most costly components of an online cab service include:

The cost of environmental advertising and public information

Manpower cost

The cost of representative offices

The initial cost of attracting drivers and vehicles

The cost of software and applications

هزینه راه‌اندازی تاکسی اینترنتی- پیشگامان آسیا
امکانات و قابلیت‌های راه حل تاکسی اینترنتی برای حمل و نقل سازمانی- پیشگامان آسیا

Features and capabilities of Pishgaman Asia Online taxi software

Classification of fleets, such as cars, motor couriers, and vans

Ability to define all types of routes and addresses

Ability to define tariffs and calculate them accurately

The initial cost of attracting drivers and vehicles

Ability to define drivers

Ability to define operational operators and users

Ability to define survey types

Ability to describe all types of locations on the map

Ability to define commission and fee percentage

Possible to implement electronic payment for driver fees

Possible to register a travel request through the system

Organizational panel for car requests

Possible to register and handle complaints

The presence and absence of drivers

Ability to define driver salary rules

Includes passenger and driver applications

Online taxi organizational panel

One effective way to attract and retain subscribers for an Internet taxi service is to set up a corporate panel. This allows organizations to easily book transportation services using their preferred Internet taxi provider, such as Pishgaman Asia Online Taxi. Doing so can establish a loyal customer base among corporate and organizational clients.

Setting up an enterprise Online taxi

Many organizations and companies outsource their transportation services to contractor companies because of budget constraints. They tend to refrain from using public online taxis.
Pishgaman Asia offers the option of setting up a dedicated online taxi service for the organization using government vehicles and the vehicles provided by the organization’s transport contractor.

How does an enterprise online taxi work?

Creating and managing the organizational process of car requests

Definition of personnel and users

Definition of transport contractor, drivers, and vehicles

Clarifying the desired route, specific points, and acceptable travel distance for the request

Establishing rules for driver attendance and absence and their impact on payrolls

Installing the passenger and driver application

Locating drivers by vehicle tracker or drivers’ mobile phones

Preparation of management and operational reports

تاکسی اینترنتی برای حمل و نقل سازمانی چگونه کار می‌کند؟- پیشگامان آسیا

Organizational security and Online taxi

Organizations should be cautious of using public online taxi services as they are not directly managed or controlled by the organization. These services need transparency in selecting drivers and vehicles, and the internal process of requesting a ride must be covered. This may pose a security risk to the organization. Instead, organizations can consider setting up their own online cab or intelligent car request system using their cars and transport contractors.

Consultation Request

Pishgaman Asia Company produces organizational and integrated software solutions and can offer expert advice to help you choose the right one that fits your professional needs. They are prepared to provide valuable guidance to ensure you make the best decision for your corporate software needs.

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