Why Pishgaman Asia Payroll software is the best choice?

This software includes calculating personnel performance, salaries, and wages. It can calculate the payroll of the drivers’ work in different departments based on specific formulas determined by the organization. Providing reports on the management line is one of the notable features of payroll software. The financial management module can connect with the driver traffic tracking and control system, offering you advanced and unique features in addition to financial issues.

Benefits of Using Payroll Software

Our benefits are much broader than what this title suggests:

Transparency of fleet finances

Keeping drivers satisfied

Optimizing the management of financial resources

Capabilities of Payroll Software

Imagine your ideal organization by analyzing the capabilities of this Pishgaman Asia integrated system segment.

Managing all types of payment rules

Managing of costs and fleet finances

Controlling the statement of contractor’s payment

Recording performance rewards and resources spent

Managing driver’s performance

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