Overwhelmed with requests for vehicles

The organization’s vehicle department manages vehicle requests for administrative missions. Throughout the day, the department receives a high volume of requests, each deemed essential and of high priority by the requester. This is especially true for managers and deputies, whose valuable time requires prompt car service. Due to the limited number of cars available and the constant influx of requests, the department must find an efficient management solution to avoid potential reprimands and disrespect. Rest assured, and a vehicle will be provided.

what's the solution?

Pishgaman Asia provides an application and web-based software for managing vehicle requests. This software provides a complete overview of your fleet’s service delivery status and request distribution. It covers all aspects of vehicle requests. Ways to register for the software application:


Request a vehicle using the application and software


Submitting a request to register a car via the passenger’s mobile app


Registering a car request through the passenger’s mobile application


Request a car through the call center

The car request management system's capabilities

The definition of a multi-level organizational chart of an organization

The definition of different types of car service vehicles, including light, heavy, subsidiary organizations, etc.

Register personnel, users, and vehicle contractors and create access levels per your requirements

Register a request using a pre-defined route, map, and origin and destination points

Registering and assigning a car over the phone

Each chart or vehicle unit section can have its own defined process and procedures for approving vehicle requests

Request Management

Possibility of combining multiple requests

Possibility of defining passenger boarding locations

Notifying both the driver and passenger can be done through various means such as software, mobile apps, SMS, or email

Register applications for employees, guests, and office leaders

Possibility to record multiple round-trip routes

Creating a rotary system for drivers

The possibility of distributing car requests between vehicle units

Web-based software is designed for companies and organizations that have multiple branches

An intelligent platform for handling car services and requests

Employees can submit car requests through their mobile devices or web browser

Automated mission commands are sent to drivers based on location, requester’s address, turn, and traffic conditions

Ability to approve or disapprove of the mission by the driver

Queue Management System for Drivers

Possibility to display queues on the information kiosk

Possible to intelligently call drivers through the loudspeaker in operational and outdoor environments

Confirming the mission can be accomplished using the driver’s smart card

Display a list of available, working, and unavailable drivers

Display the drivers’ locations on the map

Possibility to manually assign a mission command to a driver from a list of drivers

Possibility to track drivers through their mobile phones or tracking devices

Online Taxi Service for Organizations

Online taxi is software for requesting transportation via web or mobile app. It helps manage vehicles and personnel missions for organizations and companies.
When using Pishgaman Asia’s online taxi system, passengers can register their travel requests through the web software or mobile application. Once registered, the system uses proximity to the location, driver availability, and turn to send the request to a driver’s application. Drivers will only receive requests they are ready and willing to serve.

Vehicle application and distribution process

ثبت درخواست خودرو سازمانی- پیشگامان آسیا

Registration Request

تایید مدیریت برای درخواست خودرو سازمانی- پیشگامان آسیا

Approval from Management

صدور فرمان توزیع خودروـ پیشگامان آسیا

Assigning an order

ارسال فرمان به راننده جهت توزیع خودرو- پیشگامان آسیا

Send to the driver

تایید یا عدم تایید درخواست خودرو سازمانی- پیشگامان آسیا

Approval or disapproval

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Can a service request be registered through office automation?

The Pishgaman Asia car request management system allows users to connect with organizational automation using API and web service. This means service requests are registered through administrative automation, and the corresponding services are allocated in the Pishgaman Asia car request system.

Do out-of-town mandate require a mandatory statement?

To request a corporate car for out-of-town travel, attach the mission order or access it from your organization’s personnel system in the Pishgaman Asia service request management system.

How can drivers of vehicles be informed about their missions?

After registering the car request to the staff and issuing the command by the vehicle operator, the drivers will be informed about their missions through the drivers’ queue kiosk, receiving notifications in the application and SMS.

How to manage frequent car requests from employees and managers efficiently?

In the Pishgaman Asia system, it is possible to register a car request without going through the administrative process and assigning a car to the request by the vehicle operator. It will take less than 20 seconds to register a request via mobile, web software, or call center.

What is the process for determining the cost of requesting a car and evaluating the driver's performance?

Pishgaman Asia’s system measures driver efficiency by analyzing the cost of routes, number of stops, and distance covered.