The importance of managing the Rescue Fleet?

The Search and Rescue Fleets are crucial in providing timely assistance during emergencies. Since rescue requests can come from various locations, it is vital to have efficient and up-to-date management of emergency vehicles. Cars and their drivers are the primary tools of rescue and emergency companies, making it essential to prioritize their maintenance and operations to ensure effective services.

مدیریت ناوگان امداد و اتفاقات- پیشگامان آسیا

Concerns of managers of rescue companies


Quick response to customer assistance requests


Decrease the time it takes to arrive at the location where assistance is needed


Lack of control and supervision in the relief process


Lack of proper communication between fleet management and drivers and rescuers


Unsure about the precise whereabouts of the rescue vehicles and the rescuers


Lack of information about the nearest ambulance to the scene of the accident or the request of the subscribers


High costs of repairs and maintenance of rescue vehicles


High costs of fuel consumption of rescue vehicles

Dispatching software is a solution for Rescue fleet management

A software and hardware system that manages rescue requests and incidents by using rescue fleet dispatching software and incidents to mobile applications, vehicle tracking devices, and the mobile device or tablet of the rescue vehicle driver.

Dispatching software for Rescue Fleet

Contract and Contractor

Emergency driver application

Fuel consumption management

Vehicle tracking device

Car repairs and maintenance

Vehicle tracking software

Benefits of Rescue Fleet Management Software


Increasing the speed of service delivery


Increasing customer satisfaction


Reducing the expenses of rescue programs


Optimal management of the rescue fleet

Operating the rescue fleet management software

Within this system, the call center operator and the subscriber can log any requests for assistance or rescues. The subscriber can register aid requests through the rescue and events application.

Electrical Department Fleet Management and Tracking

Water Department Fleet Management

Gas Department Fleet Management 

Red Crescent Rescue Fleet Management

 Telecommunication Fleet Management and Failure Tracking

Car assistance system

Fire Department Fleet Management

Help Request Registration

Save help costs

Optimal management of the rescue fleet

Police cars

Emergency Fleet Management

Environment Department Fleet Management

Dispatching software and distribution of help requests

This software immediately makes any help requests visible to the operation center operator. The intelligent system can list all nearby vehicles and aid units that can respond to the accident site. This information is then displayed on a map and assigned to the appropriate vehicle.

Rescue's Driver App

This application enables drivers and paramedics to view and either approve or decline mission and referral requests. It also includes a route-finding feature, vehicle and paramedic tracking, calling for paramedic assistance, requesting repairs or delivery, changing driver and paramedic shifts to the subsequent growth, and recording car operations.

Emergency Vehicles Tracking

Keeping track of the rescue fleet’s location and events is vital to expedite rescue operations and respond to emergencies effectively. Additionally, it is crucial to manage expenses associated with maintaining and repairing rescue vehicles, monitor fuel consumption, and evaluate driver performance. The Make Aid vehicle tracking software is an essential organizational system to meet these requirements.

Vehicle tracking device

One can install a vehicle tracking device or use the driver’s and rescuers’ mobile phones as trackers to locate and monitor rescue vehicles. However, as GPS devices have higher accuracy than mobile phones, opting for a more efficient car tracker is recommended.

Maintenance and Repair of Rescue Vehicles

With the car maintenance and repair system, you can efficiently manage the expenses associated with repairing the fleet of vehicles after accidents and incidents. The notification and warning feature lets you remind the driver, vehicle unit manager, and other responsible individuals of the necessary preventive repairs and periodic services for emergency vehicles, helping prevent additional overhead costs.

Contract Management and Emergency Vehicle Contractor

With this system, you can effectively manage contracts and oversee how contractors serve relief units. The system receives crucial information on rescue missions from dispatching software and vehicle navigation data from tracking software. Based on the contract tables, the system generates an automatic status report for the contractor, which can be printed for review.

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