What makes Pishgaman Asia's car tracking software stand out?

This module can track various items such as cars, people, moving objects, etc. It can also process the data from the satellite location-based data transmission center and transfer it to other modules. Among the data that can be transferred to other modules are mileage, fuel consumption, speed, weight, travel times, etc.
This module’s control capabilities include speed control, traffic range control, mission start and end control (integrated with a smart card), etc.

Vehicle tracking application

Pishgaman Asia car and fleet tracking application is a software on the mobile platform for quick and easy access to control, monitor, manage, and track the transportation fleet covered by the vehicle administration or rental vehicles of the transportation contractor or the commuting services of the employees.

The fleet tracking and management application has the same capabilities as the pioneer car tracking software in Asia.

Capabilities of Vehicle Tracking Software

Oline Tracking

Check out the online whereabouts of the vehicle

Viewing the route taken or the car movement

Display the pertinent information to each point (speed, altitude, acceleration, braking, stopping, etc.)

Display the vehicle’s route for each mission individually

Calculating a Function

Calculate mileage

Calculate the number of hours worked by both the car and the driver

Calculating drivers’ salaries using GPS

Following the vehicle’s entry and exit with the tracker

Warning for excessive speed and unnecessary stops

Alert excessive speed and unneeded stops

Notice regarding entering and exiting a specific geographic area

Management of organizing and sending automatic alerts (sms, email, mobile, web)

Car Control

Check the status of the tracker – whether it’s off or on

View the status of the car

Connection to fuel sensor, weight, RFID module

Tracking the Scope and Scenario

Possess the capability to produce many geographic shapes such as squares, circles, lines, and polygons.

Define tracking procedures

Define the scope and scenario for organizational vehicle units


Tracking reports are available in both Excel and PDF formats to provide comprehensive information

Print map as pdf

Screen capture

Benefits of using car tracking software

We offer a wide range of benefits, and these titles only scratch what we can provide:

Prevent driver violations


Enhancing Driver Behavior and Ensuring Safe Driving


Managing Performance

Examining driver conduct using a vehicle tracking system

We are thrilled to offer the Pishgaman Asia car tracking system, which comprehensively evaluates your fleet’s driving habits. With this technology, you can analyze data and provide tailored training to ensure the safety of your corporate and company vehicle drivers. Our system offers peace of mind and helps optimize your fleet’s performance.


Warning Reckless Driving (Swerving and Exceeding Speed Limits Illegally)


Stopping and going out of range


Driver’s presence

تحلیل رفتار راننده با نرم‌افزار ردیابی خودرو پیشگامان آسیا
ردیابی خودرو از طریق موبایل راننده در نرم‌افزار ردیابی خودرو- پیشگامان آسیا

Tracking vehicles through the driver's mobile phone


You have a lot of cars


You have an annual contract with a vehicle contractor


The cost of a car tracker is out of your budget

It is possible to track the location of your fleet vehicles through Pioneer’s tracking system by utilizing the tracking capabilities of drivers’ mobile phones. These capabilities are comparable to those of GPS hardware.

Pishgaman Asian map service

To keep your car information safe, avoid using external servers and Google Maps. Instead, try Pishgaman Asia’s map service to manage your server and securely use a fleet tracking system.

No need for internet

Increase map display speed

Minimizing the chance of compromising the organization’s data security by connecting to the internet

Improve the amount of map-related information available in your preferred language

Ability to create and provide map API

Accessing location information and tracking data from the organization’s map server

سیستم نقشه پیشگامان آسیا به شما در ردیابی ناوگام حمل و نقل سازمانتان کمک می‌کند

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