Pishgaman Asia Fleet Management Software

Integrated software for managers with intelligent and innovative thinking

Whether your fleet is large or small, it does not matter. With fleet management software, users can track or monitor the position of a fleet, the performance of vehicles, their fuel consumption, and even how they drive.
Transport experts can use this system to improve their fleet’s performance and efficiency. This improvement and efficiency and its effect on lowering fuel consumption, increasing safety, improving driver behavior, and reducing road incidents will reduce the fleet’s total cost and improve profitability.

Pasand fleet management

Benefits of Pishgaman Asia Fleet Management Software (Pasand)

Our solutions are specialized, cutting-edge, and rely on the latest technology to monitor closely the vehicles, contractors, and personnel you manage.


Reduce driver violations


Manage missions


Facilitate the decision-making process


Transparency of financial and contractual affairs


Reduction in costs

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Ability to track and monitor fleets

Tracking vehicles and fleets have become crucial tools for managers to monitor and control the performance of drivers, cars, and fleets.
With a tracking system for fleet management, which includes GPS tracking and software, vehicle managers can receive the following information instantly.

The fleet’s current position

The car’s function

The calculation of fuel consumption

The reminder of repair time

Analyzing the driver’s behavior and function

The path taken by the car

Mobile app; anywhere, any time

Pishgaman Asia’s fleet management software is applicable on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Android, IOS, etc., and can be accessed anywhere at any time.
Main features of accessibility include:

Tracking via mobile devices

Online notification

Recording performance surveys

Registering and managing requests

Send a request to the service unit and operations supervision

PASAND fleet application

BI reports

Analytical reports generated by this software can serve as a management tool that helps managers make accurate and efficient decisions. By providing intelligent reporting based on valuable data collected from different parts of the fleet, effective management decisions can be made that will influence optimal asset management even in the short run.

Turn fleet data into useful management information

Integration of fleet information and the creation of a centralized database across different sectors

Describe the organizational operations in detail

Analysis of patterns, troubleshooting problems, and accurate forecasting

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